Physical Examinations

West Haven Board of Education Physical Exam Policy


Dear Parent/Guardian:


In accordance with the Connecticut General Statute Section 10-206, the West Haven Board of Education requires each student registering in the West Haven School System, to have a physical examination in grades Pre K, K, 6 and 9.

The physical examination must be performed by a LEGALLY QUALIFIED PRACTIONER OF MEDICINE M.D. or O.D. licensed in this state or another state, or nurse practitioner (APRN) or physician' s (PA) licensed in this state. The exam must include: (1) Health History (2) Review and update of Immunizations (3) Tuberculin Test done at time of physical examination (4) Hemoglobin or Hematocrit, and (5) blood pressure, height, weight, vision and hearing screenings, postural and dental screenings.

Adequate immunization includes:
Four DPT' s            Last dose no sooner than 4th birthday.

Three OPV' s:          Last dose no sooner than 4th birthday. 

MMR:                     First dose no sooner than 1st birthday.
                              2nd dose before entry to school .
                             Booster required to enter Grade 7.

Varicella:              Vaccine or Physician' s statement as     
                              proof of illness for entry to grade 7.
TB Screening:        At the time of the physical.  

Chronic Disease:     Assessment at time of the physical.      
HIB:                        Prior to 5th birthday.

Hepatitis B:            For children born on or after 1/1/94. 
                               3 doses of Hepatitis B for entry to grade 8.


Students must have the physical examination/immunizations record reviewed by the School Nurse. Evidence from other school districts will be accepted, if the student is a transfer, as long as all requirements are complete.

Without evidence of physical examination or adequate immunizations, a child will be excluded from school.

Download Health Assessment Record (Physical form)
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