School Health Services Philosophy

School Health Services Philosophy

The West Haven nurses believe that the health of a child has a direct effect on his/her ability to succeed in school.

  • We believe that each child has the right of access to nursing care in school.

  • We view the child holistically and acknowledge that physiological, psychological, socio-cultural, developmental and educational needs must be met. In order to meet those needs, the family is important in assisting the nurse in planning, implementing and evaluating the child’s healthcare plan. Nurses will seek the family’s input and cooperation in devising the plan most suited to the individual child. Parents or guardians will be informed of health services available to them. In addition, parents or guardians will be advised of state-mandated programs related to schools and their responsibility in these programs.

  • We believe the nurse is a professional and will respect the confidentiality of the student/client while functioning as a student advocate within the school, family and community setting.

  • We believe that nurses are health teachers and that health teaching by school nurses can be done in many ways: individually with students in the health office, in classrooms, and with families & community agencies.

  • We recognize that professional growth is an ongoing process. In order for professional nurses to maintain current information and knowledge they must participate in a system of continuing education.

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