Title 1

 The West Haven School System receives Title I funds for “targeted assistance” schools.  These schools must use Title I funds only for services to eligible children identified based on academic need and only for services that would not otherwise be provided with state or local funds.

Central Office at City Hall:

Forest Elementary School

(203) 931-6800   FAX (203) 931-6803

  • Heather Ackley, Title I Reading Teacher

  • Stacey Anquillaire, Math Aide

  • Ann Currie, Math Aide

  • Sandra Perez, Math Aide


Savin Rock Community School

(203) 931-6850   FAX (203) 931-6853

  • Mary Winters, Title I Reading Teacher 

  • Allison Johnstone, Math Aide

  • Ann Smith, Math Aide


Washington Elementary School

(203) 931-6880   FAX (203) 931-6883

  • Christina Zakos, Title I Reading Teacher

  • Steven Dionne, Math Aide

  • Maureen Ulsamer, Math Aide


Carrigan School

(203) 937-4390   FAX (203) 937-4393

  • Irene D’Angelo, Title I Reading Teacher

  • Latanya Joyner, Title I Reading Teacher 

  • Mona Solano, Title I Math Teacher 

  • MaryAnn Biancur, Math Aide 

  • Robert Nehrkorn, Math Aide

  • Amy Sitro, Math Aide

  • Joan Steele, Math Aide 



  • Notre Dame HS (203) 933-1673
    Patrick Clifford, Principal

  • Our Lady of Victory (203)932-6457

      Dara Dottori, Title I Reading Teacher

  • St. Lawrence School (203) 933-2518
       Dara Dottori, Title I Reading Teacher